Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Capacity: 45,494

When it was opened: April 10, 2006

Address: 700 Clark Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63102

Cost to Build: $365 million

Dimensions: R- 335 ft, C- 400 ft, L- 336 ft


Busch Stadium gives you a lot to take in with the ballpark itself, its incredible views, and the lively surrounding area. Home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium reflects the energy of their passionate fans and is truly a ballpark to behold. Below is only a sample of what Busch Stadium offers, so hopefully it inspires you to see more for yourself.

Throughout the game, you might find your view lingering up to see the picturesque views of the St. Louis skyline including the emblematic Gateway Arch. And I do not blame you for that. The architects of the stadium strategically chose a downtown location to enhance the experience of the ballpark. If you have some time before or after the game to explore St. Louis, the Cardinal’s museum and Hall of Fame is conveniently located in the Ballpark Village, a bustling hub for all things Cardinals adjacent to Busch Stadium. Experience the spirit and sights of downtown St. Louis in a matter of a few city blocks. 

The current Busch Stadium is actually the third stadium to carry the name in Cardinals history. A unique feature of the stadium’s architecture is Gate 3 on the west side of the park. Its structure resembles that of the Eads Bridge of St. Louis, showing the city’s influence on the stadium. Recently, Busch Stadium has renovated their party suites. The new suites offer a full bar and buffet service within the suite with an updated feel. You can check out the new look and consider reserving one of these suites for your next party at the ballpark. While Busch Stadium has seen lots of changes over time, the Cardinals consistently performed as a strong team. 

Busch Stadium brings in consistently high attendance, considering both the loyal fans and the successful Cardinals franchise. Some of the highest achievements of the Cardinals have to be their eleven World Series victories, two of which were won in the current Busch Stadium. Among the famous players out of the Cardinals include Stan “The Man” Musial, Bob Gibson, and Albert Pujols. While there are many great moments from the Cardinals in Busch Stadium this video provides a nice collection. 

Be sure to add Busch Stadium to your list of stadiums to visit (if it isn’t already on it!). Embrace the Cardinal red and make your way to the stadium to experience it for yourself. 


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Busch Stadium