the Big Apple Roadtrip
Not really a roadtrip, this trip takes you to the Big Apple, New York City. One could spend a month in this city seeing the sites and doing various things. However, if you want you can visit the city and see a couple of games in a few days. Fans will want to visit New York City in 2009 because it is the first season that the Yankees will play at the new Yankee Stadium and the Mets at Citi Field. This trip takes little traveling, other than getting to New York City. Once here it is easy to get around using the subway. Remember that the Yankees and Mets are never in town on the same days. In order to see both teams, schedule your trip so that you see one team play a weekend series and the other the first of the next week.

       =- Yankee Stadium
         - Citi Field


   - New York

   - New York City


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