All in One: All 30 Ballparks
If you have the time, the money, a true love for baseball and really love to travel it is possible to see all 30 ballparks in one summer. Whether you see several ballparks each month or plan to see them all in one trip, its possible. In 2003, Ken Schlapp visited 31 Major League Ballparks in 49 days as he drove around the country that summer. As Ken says, "One of the great things about baseball is that, though the rules are the same in every stadium, the playing fields differ. In the three other major spectator sports in the U.S. (hockey, basketball and football), the size and shape of the playing field are exactly the same at every venue, but in baseball you have uniqueness." Read about Ken's trip here.




the Nor'easter: Three Ballparks/States, Two Cities
the I-95er: Six Ballparks/States, Five Cities
the Big Apple: Two Ballparks, One Big City
the Grand South: Three Ballparks/Cities, Two States
the Buckeye State: Two Ballparks/Cities, One State
the Midwestern Slam: Six Ballparks, Seven States, Five Cities
the Upper Midwestern: Four Ballparks, Three States/Cities
the Central Combo
: Four Ballparks/Cities, Three States
the Texas Two Step: Two Ballparks/Cities, One Big State
California Dreamin': Five Ballparks, Four Cities, One State
the Single Game
: One Ballpark in One City
All in One
: All 30 Ballparks
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